I keep sending content but I´m not getting featured. Why?

Well, the journalists receive tons of comments and content everyday and the later you send your comments or content, the lower your chances will be of being featured. Here are some reasons why people might not get featured:

  • Your text is overly promotional - learn how to reply to journalists by watching this quick
  • You send the content too late or after the deadline;
  • Too many people send their comments before you;
  • You are not accessing the platform often, which contributes to losing the best opportunities;
  • You don't send your comments;
  • You don't have a professional photo;
  • You don't have a well written Bio;
  • Your Bio may be too long (over 50 words), may be too short or is not updated - learn how to create a strong Bio by watching this video How to write your bio and create content for journalists

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