Where can I find the deadline in the enquiries?

Deadlines are displayed in the top paragraph of enquiry emails...

Are there benefits from replying early?

The sooner you respond, the more chance you have of getting in front of the journalist before other respondents do...

How long should I wait before responding to a request?

If you're able to provide what's needed in the brief then it's best to respond as quickly as possible...

When do I reply to a journalist request, am I the only one or there are more people replying to the same request?

Journalists often get many replies, which means that your comments are not exclusive.

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How does the Starter Plan work?

Good to know that you are interested. To get more info about the Starter Plan, please click Here.

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How do I reset / update my password?

You have to visit https://journalist.guidedpr.com/ then click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions we will send to your email...

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My Token isn't working. What should I do?

If your token is not working, it is because it expired or you requested a new password and forgot about it...

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